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Who is HOPE NOW?

HOPE NOW is a non-profit dedicated to home preservation. The Alliance was encouraged in 2007 by The Department of the Treasury and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to bring together diverse stakeholders to address housing challenges in local markets and create collaborations to solve problems. Supporting members work towards creating a unified, coordinated plan to assist homeowners and address issues when circumstances are out of the homeowner’s control. The delivery models could be coordinated letter campaigns, outreach events or tailored activities with exclusive partners. The HOPE NOW supporting membership represents a sterling commitment to improving housing stability.

HOPE NOW has achieved trust and support through collaborating with regulators and integration with non-profit partners. Hope Now is a key player when mortgage companies are looking to connect locally. The Hope Now outreach platform is dedicated to connecting families with resources. The Homeowner Resource Fairs are multi agency events bringing together many providers to expand and improve the housing market. For some mortgage companies, this is an excellent CRA opportunity. Hope Now has connected with over 200,000 families locally and continues to expand opportunities. The yearly calendar can be accessed by e mailing