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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for reaching out to Hope Now. Our primary goal is to help families connect with free local resources. If we have an outreach event coming to your area, please attend. The events are focused on helping families connect with resources and possibly have a face to face conversation with their mortgage servicer. The upcoming events are listed on the landing page of our website.

Below is a short frequently asked question guide to help you connect with the right resources based on your situation.

Please see National Consumer Law Center. They have various attorneys across the country who can help you with free legal advice. Know more

Please talk to a HUD approved counseling agency. They will be able to walk you through the process and often be able to submit a request for a workout solution to your mortgage company. By working with a HUD approved agency, you have a free advocate through the process and someone who can also review other financial challenges you may be having.

Let your mortgage company know what is going on. Sometimes they have short term plans that might fit your situation. Know more

Please report this company immediately to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Then call your mortgage company and explain your situation. Know more

Please call your mortgage servicer and discuss your situation. We would also recommend you check out the National Coalition of Aging resource center. They have listed all the free programs a senior can take advantage of by zip codes. The Benefits Checkup tool will help with your financial stability each month. Know more

There is a limit on how many modifications a mortgage company can offer a customer. This is based on the investor of your loan. Make sure you understand--some investors only allow one modification. It’s important to make three consecutive payments on your modification or you may miss your opportunity. The mortgage servicer will submit a list of options for your workout once you completed workout package. Please schedule a meeting with a HUD approved counselor in your area and go over the details of the servicer letter if you have questions or concerns. They will be able to guide you through the next steps. Know more

Please send an e mail to Hope Now works with many mortgage servicers and may be able to help improve the communication process.

Please speak with a legal aid attorney. They will know what the process is in your state to work effectively towards a solution, so you can save your home. Know more

The first step is to call your mortgage servicer. The number should be listed on your mortgage statement. If not, a Customer Assistance number will be listed on their website. Be prepared to discuss your situation and how you have been impacted. There have been several public announcements and features on the news about mortgage forbearance programs. Be sure to ask exactly how the forbearance program works and if there are other solutions for your situation. Sometimes the mortgage servicer has several assistance programs.

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