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HOPE NOW 2019 Housing Conferences- Impacts from Natural Disasters
Building on best practices and excellence

2017 provided to be the costliest year for natural disasters in the United States in history. Multiple hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, tornadoes and mudslides contributed to record breaking damage and a lengthy recovery. As we approach future natural disasters and in some cases national catastrophes, it is imperative that the mortgage and housing industry focus efforts on improving consistency and build on best practices. For mortgage servicers continued uncertainty creates challenges in outcomes with customer care. Quite often multiple stakeholders have different goals and its important we address consistency as a tool to improve customer service. Currently there is no standard mortgage servicing handbook for disaster assistance and certainly not when managing already delinquent borrowers. Disaster recovery is a long term commitment to families and communities. For some regions it will take years to recover. Families will look to servicers for continued support and guidance. Consumer expectations have continued to grow demanding simplicity and convenience, these expectations should be kept in mind as the industry adjusts to ongoing disaster assistance, season after season.


Considering all these factors; HOPE NOW, will host a series of housing summits focused on issues related to Natural Disasters. The Hope Now Disaster Housing Conference will convene in Plano Texas. Speakers will include leaders from Mortgage Servicing, Loss Mitigation, Investors, Consumer Advocacy, Insurance and Investors focused on insights and solutions.


  • Peer to peer education
  • Lessons learned & best practices
  • Advocating simple solutions and practices
  • Tools to develop internal disaster experts
  • Improving consistency
  • Deeper understanding and education of consumer needs

Meeting Dates:

  • March 21, Credit Reporting & Consumer Impacts Agenda (Read More)
  • June 12, Insurance Disbursements & Disruptions Agenda (Read More)
  • Sept 18
  • Dec 12

Agenda Items:

  • Consumer Education
  • Consumer Communications
  • Consumer hardships/challenges
  • Align Goals with stakeholders
  • Consistency
  • Credit Reporting
  • Federal Role
  • Job Aids and Disaster Handbooks
  • Innovation

These conferences are for mortgage and housing industry professionals. Hope Now member will receive a discount. To learn more about the conferences or join the Hope Now Servicing for Natural Disasters Working Group, please see