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Loan Modification Scam Alert

Notice to Customers:

The companies listed below have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") for practices related to their loan modification business, particularly the charging of unlawful advance fees. A temporary receiver appointed by the court has suspended operations and is reviewing the business.

We recommend that you immediately contact your lender directly, a government-sponsored assistance group, such as Hope Now (, which is a no fee government-sponsored provider), or a lawyer in your local jurisdiction with expertise in loan modifications.


The FTC's lawsuit was filed on January 8, 2018, naming as Defendants all of the companies listed below, along with their principals. The Court entered a Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") on January 10, 2018, which prohibits unlawful conduct and appoints a Temporary Receiver to take possession and control of these businesses.

At least until the date of the Preliminary Injunction hearing on February 7, 2018, these companies will have very limited operations. Your best source of information is the Receiver's website at - in particular we suggest that you review the FAQs posted on the right sidebar of the website. We will post regular updates. If you have additional questions, please sent to

Companies named in the FTC's lawsuit:

  1. AM Property Management, LLC
  2. American Home Loans, LLC
  3. American Home Loan Counselors
  4. Brown Legal, Inc.
  5. Consumer Defense, LLC (NV)
  6. Consumer Defense, LLC (UT)
  7. Consumer Defense Group, LLC, f/k/a Modification Review Board, LLC
  8. Consumer Link, Inc.
  9. FMG Partners, LLC
  10. Preferred Law, PLLC
  11. Zinly, LLC