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HOPE NOW Military Outreach

In 2012 & 2013 HOPE NOW partnered with several military bases to help military families and veterans avoid foreclosure. A series of mortgage assistance programs were now recognizing Permanent Change of Station as a hardship. This adjustment helped many families qualify for mortgage relief. HOPE NOW spear headed an effort to promote the changes and raise visibility with personnel.

We had two central goals:
Goal: 1. To assist servicers in connecting with military families in distress over their mortgage.
Goal: 2. To educate the military and stakeholders for all foreclosure prevention options.

The tactics included:

  • Leverage the military network personnel to promote efforts
  • Leverage non-profit partners
  • Provide all mortgage solutions (modifications, forbearance, short sale discussions, etc.) on site
  • A minimum of four events in 2012

Military Flyer San Antonio 2013

Military Flyer VA Beach 2013
A summary of the events can be found here