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HOPE NOW Military Housing Podcast - Hosted by Ray Pennie

HOPE NOW Military Housing Podcast - Hosted by Ray PennieThe HOPE NOW Military Housing Podcast is an entertaining and educational series of conversations focused on military off-base housing. With our host Ray Pennie, from Clearpoint Financial Solutions, we speak to industry experts, military families and stakeholders in the mortgage market to learn how to navigate through the ups and downs of homeownership. If you would like to suggest a topic or participate as a guest, please e-mail us at

About HOPE NOW's Commitment to Service Members

Since April 2012,HOPE NOW has held 10 outreach events on military bases, assisting hundreds of service members and veterans. At these events, HOPE NOW was able to learn about the challenges facing military families in off-base housing. These housing events were geared towards families who were struggling with their mortgages and looking for viable solutions. Based on our experience, it was clear that there was an opportunity to assist military families with off base housing questions and concerns.

Our Host

Ray Pennie is Vice President of Business Development at Clearpoint Financial Solutions. Clearpoint is a national non-profit whose mission is "Consumer Health through Financial Education". He has more than 28 years of experience in the banking sector working in commercial, residential lending and asset management. Before beginning his career in banking, Pennie proudly served for six years in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologic Technical Operator, performing a variety of duties associated with operating telecommunications systems that exist across the global communications spectrum. To learn more about Clearpoint,

  Podcast 1: Familiarizing you with basic mortgage terms and language.
  Podcast 2: Military Affiliates answer questions from active duty military members about mortgage issues.
  Podcast 3: How to ask for help when experiencing financial difficulties, focusing on assistance available to active-duty homeowners.
  Podcast 4: Exploring ways the VA can provide assistance with your mortgage challenges.
  Podcast 5: How non-profits provide assistance to military and veteran homeowners.
  Podcast 6: All about short sales - when they are a good option for active-duty service members.
  Podcast 7: Veterans discuss the issues surrounding owning a second home while serving in the military.
  Podcast 8: An officer discusses strategies for homeownership as an investment.
  Podcast 9: Avoiding Scams
  Podcast 10: Home Donations for Disabled Veterans
  Podcast 11: Discussing Making Home Affordable with the US Treasury
  Podcast 12: Credit Advice for Servicemembers and Veterans
  Podcast 13: Financial Literacy
  Podcast 14:Military Programs Offered by Wells Fargo.
  Podcast 15: Veteran Job Programs Offered by Quicken Loans.
  Podcast 16:Whats Title Insurance?